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Avatar Duels

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Avatar the Last Airbender

This expansion is a full expansion set of eight decks and two maps featuring characters and locales from the series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Deck design by Timothy Wutke featuring the graphical talents of the Sultan of Dorkistan. It is one of the very best non-SW Epic Duels expansions, and a must-read for anyone interested in the Epic Duels Redux project. Tim Wutke did some interesting things: 1. Instead of the standard Deck Design cards, Sultan has his own visual style which includes 2. The introduction of a 3rd area with attack and defend, for ranged attacks. 3. "Corrects" the Red Basic deck by replacing an A3D2 with an A3D3. It's just a tad stronger and really, more balanced within itself and versus the Blue deck.

The decks are all fun and well balanced, and fun to play, even when you know nothing about Avatar TLA. You get the feeling like you actually know the characters and the world a little bit through playing this, and that's what the Epic Duels game is great at, expressing worlds that others have already built, that include some sort of super power or magic power or something along those lines. Avatar captures all the best of that.


These are almost all really interesting decks, and Sultan’s graphics work is outstanding. The maps alone are worth adding to any set. 


Get all 8 decks and 2 maps:

  • Aang & Appa
  • Azula & Fire Nation Soldiers
  • Katara & Sokka
  • Suki & Kyoshi Warriors
  • Toph & Stone Slabs
  • Ty Lee & Mai
  • Zhao & Yu Yan Archers
  • Prince Zuko & Iroh
  • Fire Navy Patrol Ship
  • Water Tribe Village


Cbgssya also did a couple of Avatar: TLA decks in a more conventional ED style:



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